ChildrenwebsiteMarginalised Children's Projects: Tangail, Jamalpur and Educational Support

As well as following the Symbiosis model to take their mothers through Functional Education and into Savings Groups, Symbiosis’ Marginalised Children’s programs specifically assist children with the support required to ‘learn the basics’ in a small, local Symbiosis pre-school classroom, and thus attain the skills required to enter mainstream schools. Our tutoring program provides educational support to these children once enrolled, helping to keep them in school.


One Marginalised Children's Program works specifically with the Horijonpeople, a Hindu group commonly known as 'the sweepers'. Traditionally looked down upon, the Horijon are on the lowest rungs of Bangladesh society and do not usually value educating their children. Symbiosis’ ground breaking work teaches Horijon women to read, write and form savings groups while their children are educated.