Netrakhona Rural Development Service

Located on the border with India, the Netrakhona Rural Development Service has been working for 15 years with former refugees of the Indo-Pakistan war, as well as communities with a tribal ethnic background. 

  • Opportunities: More limited, particularly for income producing activities, so creativity required.
  • Challenges: Often suffers in the wet season from flooding with water flowing from the hills of India. Arsenic is also a challenge, addressed by using the three clay pot system of filtering - an effective and affordable solution.
  • Achievements: 96 groups with 1,744 members whose lives have been impacted in a very difficult part of the country.


NetrakonaArjinaArjina's Story

Arjina Akhter is the 5 year old daughter of Azizur and Sahina. Arjina was born into a poor and illiterate family in Netrakona district. While neither Azizur or Sahina ever went to school, they were eager to support their children’s desire to do so. Unfortunately Azizur’s income as a day labourer meant the family lived hand-to-mouth, and there was never any money left to buy the things she needed to be able to go to primary school.

In Bangladesh, sometimes it is simply a few items of stationary which prevent a child from being educated. The Netrakona Rural Development Service supplied the books, slates, pencils and bag that Arjina and several other pre school children in the area needed to be admitted to Primary school. Sahina also joined a Symbiosis Functional Education Class, so she too could learn to read, write and go on to form a Savings Group with her peers.

Arjina is enjoying school and her parents are thrilled that the cycle of illiteracy in their family has ended in this generation.