Symbiosis Primary Eye Care Service (SPECS Program)

The SPECS Program Workers focus on preventative and restorative eye health work out in the communities in which Symbiosis operates. SPECS carries out vision screening of adults and primary school children and distributes glasses when needed. They also train teachers in the primary schools in the areas where Symbiosis works to educate the children on how to care for their eyes properly. By focusing on children, the SPECS project allows eye problems to be picked up at an early stage before they become disabling and also ensures that children with eye problems are able to continue in school.


Tonni's Story

Tonni is a nine year old girl living in a village in Netrakona district. Tonni was in Grade Three the day the SPECS project visited her school, the Purbadhala Budhi Government Primary School. The project staff checked the short and long distance vision of the students as well as their overall eye health. When it was Tonni’s turn, the Project staff found that the vision in her left eye is poor (6/24) while her right eye was normal (6/6).  Tonni and her family had previously had no idea about her vision problem, but she gratefully started wearing the spectacles provided to her by Symbiosis. Tonni’s parents and schoolteachers are thankful to Symbiosis, who caught the problem before it started to affect her learning. Teachers tell the SPECS staff that this program makes a big difference to remote village children.