Symbiosis Eye Camps and Health Activities

Symbiosis Eye Camps are run in partnership with the Bangladesh National Society for the Blind. Targeted at the rural poor who are not able to go to larger towns to have their eyes checked, Symbiosis will typically organise 7 to 10 Eye Camps in various locations each year.  Eye camps are organised at a local community venue and promoted by the Symbiosis staff. Some camps also include dental services.

Each eye camp day is attended by hundreds of people who queue to see the doctors and nurses who test, prescribe or refer as required. Those who cannot be treated on the spot are referred on for surgery at hospital; organised and followed up by Symbiosis workers. This support for the - mainly elderly - cataract patients allows them to live full lives in their families and communities again.


Korshed's Story

Khorshed Ali is a 60 year old day labourer from a village in Baluka. Khorshed has been poor all his life, and is struggling to send his youngest child to school on his small income, having been unable to educate his two elder sons. Khorshed’s eyesight had been deteriorating for three years, making it more and more difficult for him to get work. He had his eyesight tested at a clinic and was told he had cataracts, but he wasn’t able to pay for the surgery he needed.

One day Symbiosis conducted an Eye Camp in his area and he came in search of help. His hopes were realized when he was selected for a cataract operation on one eye, with the other to follow later. At his one-month follow-up appointment Khorshed was delighted. Seeing clearly out of his right eye, he told the project, ”I am very happy to get back my vision and I am grateful to Symbiosis for this free service.” He asked the project to continue its work for the poor and helpless people in his area, and gave thanks to Symbiosis. He said he would pray for the organisation’s many staff.