WeighingchildHealth Programs

For the very poor in Bangladesh, especially those living in remote rural areas, good health care remains out of reach. Rural hospitals and medical centres are under staffed and under resourced and travel to city hospitals is too expensive for many families. There is also a lack of awareness about the importance of health issues, leaving the poor vulnerable to preventable diseases and susceptible to seeking bad advice from unqualified village healers.

In addition to the education delivered through the community groups on general health issues such as nutrition, hygiene and preventable disease, Symbiosis has established some more specialised medical projects delivered across all the rural integrated projects. These projects are designed to respond to specific health needs of the broader community as well as the active members of Symbiosis’ groups.

Each of the following programs help to improve the health of Bangladeshi communities:

Eye Camps and Health Activities

SPECS Program

Traditional Birth Attendants Program

Symbiosis Arsenic Mitigation Program