Our Programs

The mandate for Symbiosis is to facilitate change from the grassroots by listening to the people we serve and meeting the needs that they identify. From this process of listening, Symbiosis has oriented its programs around several key areas identified by the poor as a means to improve their situation. Among these are Empowerment, Training, Health, Education and Human Rights.

At the core of Symbiosis’ work is organizing illiterate women and men into community groups and providing them with functional education and support to start micro-savings cooperatives. In joining these self-governed community groups, individuals with a desire to better their situation find support, ideas and motivation from among their peers, along with basic literacy and numeracy skills which remove their shame and feeling of dependence on others. Combined, this work brings transformational empowerment to individuals and their communities.

Over time, our groups have told Symbiosis of the needs that they see around them and Symbiosis has responded with a complementary set of programs which operate within the communities where we work.

To enable group members to improve their financial situation, Symbiosis provides training across a range of spheres – from small business core skills to agricultural know how to technical training.

To facilitate better health, Symbiosis has focused on eye care, water and sanitation and maternal and child health. We also seek to raise awareness of the plight of disabled people in Bangladesh and are developing strategies to help improve community integration.

To support the education of future generations, Symbiosis supports impoverished families with school readiness preschools and school supplies.

And finally, in a focus on human rights, Symbiosis raises awareness on social, environmental and human rights issues which are directly relevant to the lives and families in the communities where we work.

Directly assisting more than 30,000 people each year, and operating in 28 subdistricts across 12 districts in Central and Northern Bangladesh, Symbiosis operates: