Sharifa lives in Mymensingh district. She has 2 sisters and 3 brothers. When her father left home her mother worked door-to-door as a house maid. Her elder brother worked in a tea stall. When she was 15 years old Sharifa got married. Her husband worked in a tea shop and earned very little money. Later Sharifa discovered that he was addicted to drugs. He treated her badly but she was patient and they had 2 sons. Eventually Shafira moved back to her parent’s house and started to work as a sand curing labourer. However, many people gossiped about her marital situation so she had to leave her job. Then she heard good things about Symbiosis’s sewing centre so she applied and was admitted to a course there. Her elder brother gave her some money to buy a sewing machine and she started a sewing business at home. Now she is living peacefully. She is grateful to the Symbiosis Bangladesh TTIS program for the sewing skills she learned there.

 Analysis: Because of proper training and care she has changed her life and is doing great business.

Written by Nahida and Dibra Lipa
Basic technical training and low skilled jobs information program (TTIS) Sewing


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