• Women meet weekly in Symbiosis savings groups.

  • Bangladesh: a beautiful country.

  • Learning to sew brings income and security.

  • Children gain skills for primary school in a Symbiosis pre-school.

  • Eye camps are just one of many Symbiosis health initiatives.

  • Fatima is one of 16,000 people in a Symbiosis Peer Savings Group.

Symbiosis brings hope to the poor of Bangladesh.

With over 160 million people, Bangladesh is not only the most densely populated nation in the world, but also one of the poorest and least developed. Symbiosis brings empowerment and improved living standards to the most marginalised and impoverished people in Bangladesh, particularly women and those living in rural areas - the illiterate and the landless.

The effectiveness of the work of Symbiosis is evident through the transformation of communities over the last two decades. These results are truly life changing – just ask the tens of thousands of women, men and children who are helped by Symbiosis every year. 

We invite you to become a part of this transformation!