• Symbiosis 20th Anniversary

  • Symbiosis 20th Anniversary

  • Women meet weekly in Symbiosis savings groups.

  • Learning to sew brings income and security.

Symbiosis has been bringing hope to the poor of Bangladesh for 20 years.

With over 160 million people, Bangladesh is not only the most densely populated nation in the world, but also one of the poorest and least developed. Over the last two decades, Symbiosis has listened to the poor and developed an approach which is truly empowering - one that commits us to investing over the long term in the capacity of people to bring change into their own lives.

In 2015, as we celebrate this milestone, Symbiosis is also at a crucial funding crossroads as a result of large donor cuts across the Australian international aid sector. As a result, some 40% of the funding for Symbiois projects are at risk. This year, please join us by making a strategic, proven investment in the future of Bangladeshi communities!


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